Simple server backups for small business

BackupAssist performs automatic, scheduled backups of Windows servers to a variety of backup devices, such as tape, hard drive, REV drive, CD/DVD, and NAS. In the event of a server crash or other disaster, files and system state can be restored from the backup media. With thousands of sales in 61 countries, BackupAssist is fast becoming a major backup software package of choice for businesses, schools and charities.

Specifically tailored to meet the needs of small and medium organizations, BackupAssist is simple to use and affordable. It's a lightweight, uncomplicated solution that allows non-technical users to easily schedule, manage and monitor backups.



BackupAssist 3.5.0

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  • circlecomputers

    by circlecomputers

    "Avoid this backup software if you wish to restore your data."

    I'd like to warn readers about the fundamental issues witht he zip to tape module of this application. We found that la... More.

    reviewed on October 31, 2011